Embark on a Holistic Health Journey with Prakash Yoga in Brahmavidya

Prakash Yoga of Brahmavidya transcends the concept of traditional medicine—it's a comprehensive health system focused on eliminating the root causes of illnesses and fostering overall well-being.
Through consistent engagement with Prakash Yoga, individuals have experienced remarkable relief from various health challenges, including asthma, chronic cold, cough, acidity, constipation, diabetes, high blood pressure, spondylitis, backache, heart issues, and more. This practice extends beyond physical health, impacting mental well-being by instilling a positive, cheerful, optimistic, and confident mindset.
Join the transformative journey of Prakash Yoga within Brahmavidya, where health isn't just a destination; it's a holistic experience that uplifts and revitalizes every aspect of your well-being.

This happened 4 years ago. I experienced long spells of giddiness( vertigo) and that hampered my activities at home and at the workplace. I felt helpless and miserable. The medication that I depended on, failed to give me the desired results, more so since the doctors could not diagnose the reasons for the giddiness. This continued despite the medical treatment and rest. It was during that period that I recollected Brahmavidya course that my Deputy Director had once recommended. I decided to give it a try and enrolled for the course. The very first session gave me a sense of tranquility and positivity. I started practicing The Spiritual breathing exercises and realised the value of breath and Prana energy. The nine 'Universal positives' became my favourite words and I used to repeat them 3-4 times a day. The feeling of giddiness gradually began to diminish and I started feeling more energetic. The practice of meditation and spiritual affirmation gave me a sense of calm and relaxation. After 11 weeks there was a considerable improvement in my health and to my amazement, after 22 weeks there was absolutely no sign of giddiness! My family noticed a remarkable change in my attitude, and this in turn encouraged me to be regular in my practices. I owe Thanks and much more to Brahmavidya for restoring my health and to my teacher for guiding me. Needless to say that I am a joyful person now and that reflects in the way I interact with people. Everything in life is not fixed - it can be changed by a miracle called 'Brahmavidya'.

Mala Hinduja


"I got rid of exam fear. I can sleep well during the exam. My mind is now more focussed. I feel more confident & courageous. Thank you Brahmavidya"

Rujuta Malshe

Final year, B. PTH student

'I would recommend Brahmavidya to every person on this earth' says Deepa Nayak, who has derived her own set of benefits by her practice of Brahmavidya. I joined Brahmavidya in November 2011, the first batch in Andheri (E), Tolani College. At that time, I had a list of challenges in life. I was suffering from sinus problems. Every month, I used to get cold and cough lasting for weeks. I also used to get panic attacks very often. My BP was 130-90. I admit, I was not a very sincere student of Brahmavidya at the beginning. My teacher's constant prodding to practice breathing exercises led me to think, “ Let me try it." I started feeling good after practicing the breathing exercises. Felt lighter from within. I started to keep a check whenever a negative thought entered my mind. My health improved. I don't suffer from cold and cough like before. Even if I do get it, I am cured in a day or two. My panic attacks have stopped. My blood pressure came down to normal. I am now doing my advance course in Brahmavidya from January 2018. I am now practicing every day. Each one of us in Brahmavidya will surely notice a drastic change for the better at the physical, mental and spiritual level. I would recommend Brahmavidya to every person on this earth.

Deepa Nayak


13 years ago I was prescribed inhaler for treatment of asthma. With regular practise of brahmavidya techniques now I run atleast 3 half marathons every year. Thank you brahmavidya

Nitin Panchal

Project Engineering Consultant

I am very much glad that I joined the Brahmavidya Course. I regularly practice the breathing exercises, associated denials, affirmations and meditations. I am very much relaxed mentally and physically due to this. Brahmavidya taught me the proper understanding, right decisions, proper planning and right actions. The breathing exercises kept me physically sound and mentally peaceful. I am 82 years young and joined this course 5 months ago. My knee used to pain and I had a limp. This problem is under control and manageable now.



Indeed friends, Brahmavidya is an ultimate science to restore peace and order in human and the world, which seems entangled in the clutches of violence, hatred, corruption, intolerance and disrespect. Brahmavidya not only shows us the right path but also guides us trough simple and effective breathing methods, to right living. The magic and magnanimity of this science cannot be described in a few words. In a nut shell I would say that, ‘Brahmavidya thy name is positivity’. Yes, it teaches us positivity at every step, every level and every sphere of our life. Positivity of mind, of speech and action. When I first heard of Brahmavidya from my aunt three years back, I was suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis. I was undergoing severe pain in almost all my joints. My mobility was badly affected. According to doctors my reports were normal but the ailment was symptomatic. My aunt inspired me to join the basic course. It turned out to be a life changing experience. Within two months of practice I noticed fifth percent improvement. I started meditation ater. I was amazed at how these simple yet very unique breathing techniques, worked on my mind and body. I understood the magnanimity of Brahmavidya only after I joined the Advance Course. I learnt to understand and respect my body much more than earlier. Brahmavidya made me realize that my body is temple of the living God. My entire approach towards handling my body changed. I was always a disciplined person as far as my health and diet were concerned. Now, I became more focused, more concerned, more aware of the greatness of my body and spirit.

Uma Shah

Basic course student

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I enrolled for the Basic Course in Brahmavidya in February 2018 which was close to my place of residence. Being in English, it was difficult to understand in detail each and every sentence with its inner, hidden meaning with all its aspects. But I continued diligently and with faith. As the course was progressing towards 22 weeks, I personally realized changes in my overall thinking, performance and attitude towards others. For the first time, I started ignoring their debatable views on the subjects discussed. This I can attribute to the simple technique of meditation in Brahmavidya under able guidance of my teacher. I, now understand that although there are differences in details, the overall purpose of all Yoga programes, including Brahmavidya, is the same - oriented to spiritual progress of human beings and improvement of inner positive energy for betterment of social life. They have the capability of keeping one away from the medicine for years. Before joining this course, I had a problem of climbing up even a few steps of the staircase and fortunately, I was staying on the ground floor. I was frequently suffering from congestion of chest and cramps in legs, particularly calves. Whatever little practice of Pranayam and other Spiritual Breathing exercises I had, I was relieved of my above problems. I can now climb up without difficulty. My chest congestion is on decline. I am now taking up the practice more seriously.

Girish Nitsure


My sinusitis problem remarkably reduced due to practising breating exercises. Thank you brahmavidya.

Rohith Nair

13th Std Science student

First of all I would like to thank God and also Brahmavidya for imbibing in us the true knowledge of the Almighty and ourselves. At the request of one of my friends just attended the introductory session but on listening to the teacher speak about the importance of Breath, I joined the class immediately to experience the Spiritual Breathing Exercises and how it benefits us. Every Sunday was exciting with different interesting topics and exercises and also to know the in—depth knowledge of things which we were unaware of, for all these years, especially the importance of Breath. These Spiritual Breathing Exercises on only helped me physically but mentally as well. I was a very hyper person and used to get angry very quickly and due to which my health was affected in many ways. But within two weeks I started feeling the difference/the change in me. I never realized that within a short time I would benefit so much from the class. The aches and pains of my body have now vanished. I can even walk for an hour continuously without getting tired. I feel energetic/full of life / young / strong. I am able to co-relate with my office colleagues and Head of Deparment in a cordial manner. I am able to sort out problems giving good guidance and support to my team. This has been observed and appreciated by my office Team. They even feel that I am looking younger and much beautiful than before. My whole life changed. After meditation I get sound sleep without any disturbance and wake up at 4:30 a.m. sharp, without an alarm. Sunday is the day we get to rest and do so many chores of the entire week, but for self -development / health, I feel little sacrifice of time is all that is required. One more thing, this has nothing to do with any particular religion / caste which was a doubt in my mind. It’s all about life – how one can live and make it successful From the bottom of my heart I say, “A big Thank You” to BRAHMAVIDYA Teachings and my Guru for clearing all our doubts and timely support. It was really an awesome experience joining Brahmavidya Basic Course. Dedication is very important.

Agnes Kumar

Basic course student

I have a bad craving for pubg videogame. After learning Brahmavidya. I am in better control of myself, my craving has vanished.

Parth Kanany

11th Std student

I retired after 35 years of highly stressful job and soon thereafter in 2017, had a stroke of the brain. The heavy drugs and medicines drained my energy. My neurophysician advise me to go for Pranayam and I joined up for the Basic Course. After doing the basic course, my energy level has improved a lot, and I am much more calm, less anxious, less hasty while taking decisions and experience a well being that I never felt before. The breathing exercises give you a cool confidence and kind of reassurance that medicines and drugs cannot. Pranayam exercises have a direct positive impact on the working of the mind. Above all, the teachings are Revolutionary in their impact; as a retiree, I sensed all over our social thinking, that when you grow old, it's time for you to step back, make way for the next generation, and let go of major responsibilities. This is very demoralising because it's a way of saying that your time is up and you have to get out of the way. Brahmavidya challenges these age old notions. They created hope and positivity in my life as well as living in this world with a renewed sense of purpose. Brahmavidya teachings work at the cognitive level resulting in breakthrough thinking, we break through barriers which are self created. It has changed the way I think, feel and respond to the world around me and I feel as if I have been cleansed of faulty thoughts process, built up over the decades! I now look forward with hope and renewed enthusiasm as if there is a new purpose of life. The brain stroke is a thing of the past! I am prepared to strive harder instead of giving up after retirement! Thank you Brahmavidya! In Joy, Gratitude and Reverence

Pravin Kalawar