Guruji, as his students reverently called him was 1st of few students who learnt all the courses of Brahmavidya (Mentalphysics) by correspondance from 'Guru Ding Le mei'.

It is only for the dedicated and loving efforts of this humble soul that we are enjoying the privilege of learning the Brahmavidya. If he had stopped at expressing his heartfelt gratitude to his Guru in a mere 'Thank you' we would not be relishing its fruits.

He was not able to join the course in 1945 when he first heard about it for lack of funds. But with the burning desire to learn he arranged for the fees and joined the course in 1947. After learning all the courses, Guruji started teaching in 1977.

He used to work till evening in his cyclostyling business at Tardeo and would then conduct classes at various suburbs - Matunga, Chembur, Dombivali, Goregaon, Borivali, Mulund etc.

He never charged any fees or donations for his service. In spite of his modest means, he would bear the expenses, also of cyclostyling the notes for his students.

Guruji could never meet Guru Ding Le Mei in person, but in 1985 he visited The Institute of Mentalphysics, USA. where his work in India was appreciated by conferring upon him the title –Jyotirmayananda (Blissful Embodiment of light).

Upon returning to India a Charitable Trust was formed for promoting Brahmavidya. The response in terms of number of students was less but this didn't deter him from spreading the light like the Sun, who is not bothered about the number of people who are using his light but keeps on shining of his own nature.

As students of Brahmavidya doing our best to spread the message of Brahmavidya would be the right homage to Guruji and a token of our gratitude.