An IIT engineer, Management post graduate from IIM Bangalore, Vice President of a leading business conglomerate in India, an eminent personality in the modern world.

A luminary in spiritual world of Brahmavidya (Mentalphysics) beloved Guru, Jayant Divekar!! True wisdom carefully covered underneath his humble and inclusive nature so that one can hardly make out his greatness. He who recognizes his light but remains in dark is the model of the world.

He started learning Brahmavidya from his guru, Guru Jyotirmayananda in 1983 at very young age. He started teaching Brahmavidya in 1989 in English.

During his study in 6 years he translated all 3 levels of Brahmavidya syllabus (around 1500 pages) into Marathi. Originated in India, the knowledge can be better learnt in an Indian language. Hence now it is available in hindi and gujarati as well.

Understanding the need to spread the knowledge of Brahmavidya systematically a charitable trust was founded under guidance of Guru Jayant Divekar with blessings of Guru Jyotirmayanand in 1997. About 200 teachers well trained and tested under his discipline and able guidance are teaching Brahmavidya in more than 300 centers in India and outside. His sole purpose is upliftment of human society as a whole.

He has been a true seeker since his childhood and ever eager to learn the secret of his existence. He says that there is no shortcut to the ultimate knowledge. You can know the creator by becoming yourself – true awakening!