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About :

This course is for children & teenagers in the age group of 10-18 yrs, who is unable to attend class room sessions. Any child who wishes to be happy, healthy & successful should learn this course, irrespective of their talents/faith.

Child who is happy & healthy physically & mentally is more likely to be more focused & become successful in life.

Brahmavidya children course provides a different perspective to health, success & happiness. Pranayam, 8 Spiritual breathing exercises and simple mental exercises are taught in this course. The mental exercises called as universal prayer are similar to meditation in adults basic course.

Duration of this course is 7 weeks. Classes are conducted once a week. Every session is of about 90 minutes.

Brahmavidya Sadhak Sangh - Notes

Donation :

  • Rs. 1700/- per child residing in India to be paid online or in cash or by cheque.
  • Payment once received will not be reimbursed on any grounds also, it is not transferable.
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