Brahmavidya Higher Courses & Online Brahmavidya Course

Spiritual Path

  • Within you, there is stillness and a sanctuary to which you can always retreat at any time and be yourself.
  • A spiritual journey is the unlearning of fear and the acceptance of love.
  • Eventually, you stop struggling with the difficulties and start navigating through those with calmness and wisdom. You become very clearly aware that the more challenges you overcome, the faster you move along your spiritual development path.
  • This awareness is a clear indication of your spiritual growth. It always uncovers the best in you and helps you follow your intuition.
  • It will always take you to the right destination.

Uplift Yourself With - Brahmavidya

  • Today, people are getting aware about the importance and need of spirituality.
  • People are now turning towards getting guidance in spirituality to uplift themselves in all walks of life and pay gratitude to the present moment, both physically and mentally.
  • Seeking guidance from the right entity will help you embark on the spiritual path and make this journey the best one.
  • Getting the proper spiritual mentoring is very important as this path is not easy and learning the right things in the right direction is essential.
  • Brahmavidya is the science of teaching human beings the spiritual laws in life
  • These laws are related and operated through one's breath and thought. As we cannot think of life without breath and thought, the teachings through Brahmavidya online course emphasize on spiritual breathing exercises and meditation techniques.
  • Proper breathing exercises not only purifies the body but also help in reducing your stress tremendously, whereas meditation courses help in purifying your inner thoughts with positivity that provides a sense of peace, calm, and balance that can benefit your overall physical, emotional and mental wellbeing.
  • Brahmavidya course will help rejuvenate your soul and cleanse you inside out with its amazing teachings about life through different types of meditation, breathing exercises and Pranayama.
  • Every person needs a spiritual practice when you need clarity amidst the chaos of demanding and confusing days.
  • Brahmavidya advanced course can guide you to find the answers to the deepest questions you won't find the answers for in the outside world.

Brahmavidya Courses

  • We offer Brahmavidya courses for children and adults. The 2 adult basic courses are for 11 weeks and 22 weeks.
  • Children's online course is for 7 weeks, and all these courses are online where a person has to give just 1 ½ hr once a week! These timings work great for working professionals as well as non-working ones.
  • Brahmavidya has designed courses differently for adults and children considering the age and for better understanding.
  • Brahmavidya course fees is affordable which provides you with abundant knowledge, teachings and also guides you in how you can bring this into practice in your life.
  • Transform your life with unique spiritual breathing exercises, pranayam, and simple yet powerful meditation practices.
  • Brahmavidya online classes helps you to grow inside out and also make you realize that connecting with deepest level of your source of Power, wisdom and inspiration will help you achieve balance and control in your life.