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Adult's Basic Postal Course

About :

  • Any person above age of 18 yrs (Who is unable to learn in a classroom) can register for the postal course of Brahmavidya.
  • The objective of this postal course is to achieve health & success by the practice of spiritual breathing exercises & effective techniques of meditation.
  • Duration of this course is 22 weeks.
  • A person can register online for the postal course. A teacher is assigned to every postal course student. Course material is dispatched to students at regular intervals at students address. A student has to read the course material & practice accordingly at home. Students can ask queries to the assigned teacher via email/phone.
  • Syllabus of this course consists of Introduction, pranayam, 8 spiritual breathing exercises & simple techniques of meditation & simple laws of life.
  • Students are required to file the lesson appropriately.
Brahmavidya Sadhak Sangh - Notes

Donation :

  • Donation details for individuals residing out side of India are available in on line registration process
  • Payment once received will not be reimbursed on any grounds. Also, it is not transferable.

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